T-SQL Tuesday #92, Lessons learned the hard way

tsql2sdayHello all and welcome to a new #tsql2sday event that I’m proudly hosting for this month.

#tsql2sday is a monthly blog party on the second Tuesday of each month. Everyone is welcome to participate, so no matters you are an experienced blogger or you just want to start writing about SQL Server, this is a real good chance to add something to the community.

This month’s topic

For this month, I want you peers to write about those important lessons that you learned the hard way, for instance something you did and put your systems down or maybe something you didn’t do and took your systems down. It can be also a bad decision you or someone else took back in the day and you’re still paying for it…

There are so many things to share here so everybody can learn from each others mistakes, because all of us were once a beginner and no one is born with any knowledge about SQL Server.

Please do not be ashamed of sharing your experiences, you can anonymize the whole story if you want but remember all people make mistakes, the important is to learn from them and try not to repeat them in the future.

The rules

There a few rules to participate in this party, nothing complicated but let’s remind them to everyone.

  • Your post must be published between 00:00:00 UTC and 23:59:59 UTC on Tuesday, July 11th
  • Include the T-SQL Tuesday logo in the top of your post and link your post back to this one (preferably via a comment on this post)
  • If you’re on Twitter, tweet your post using the #tsql2sday (if you’re not on Twitter, get on it!)

I really look forward to reading your blog posts.



  1. Blobeater says:

    I went with rookie mistake theme…. I am ashamed I did this! 🙁


  2. Thanks for hosting this – I’ve taken the opportunity to add my voice in the war on table variables!

  3. This promises to be a very interesting topic. Looking forward to the responses.

  4. Nate says:

    Thank you for hosting! This is my FIRST entry for a T-SQL Tuesday, I hope the community enjoys:

  5. Thanks for hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday. I’ll throw mine in the hat and see if I win something 🙂


  6. Thanks for hosting!

    BLOG: Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY: T-SQL Tuesday #92 – Trust But Verify http://nebraskasql.blogspot.com/2017/07/t-sql-tuesday-92-trust-but-verify.html?spref=tw #tsql2sday #Ntirety #sqlserver

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