My first dual language post in English and Spanish

To be honest I never thought about writing my blog in Spanish because when I think about SQL Server matters, English seems more natural because although is not my mother tongue, all my knowledge about SQL Server has come from studying and reading resources in English and most people I follow write in this language.

Also we have Books online which is in English, sometimes you can find some machine translated articles or old documentation from 2008 in Spanish, but not really much and current.

All this together has always discouraged me from writing my blog in Spanish, but last October something changed.

What has it changed?

In one of the multiple SQL Server conferences that are hosted in UK, I had the change to meet and speak with some colleagues from Spain, Paco and his son Fran from Aleson-Itc (b|t) and talking to them I realised that writing my blog in Spanish should be a must for me.

One of the things we spoke about was how much trouble they have to hire highly qualified SQL professionals in Spain, that is not much of a surprise since after 10 year of credit crunch, lot of them have just moved to different countries and don’t think about coming back home, including myself.

And that saddens me a lot, because although there’re still plenty of good people there, the amount of resources for new people to develop their skills and get to a good level is very limited in Spanish, so unless you can handle it in English there is no much choice out there.

What is my goal?

My main goal is to add something to the SQL Community in Spanish and make accessible all my knowledge and the experience I got throughout all these years.

For now I have translated the most recent posts into Spanish and I keep translating, so hopefully soon enough all the content will be on both languages.

And from now on, every post will be published on both languages, I know that will give ma extra work, but I’m sure it will worth it.

Thanks for reading and any comments or feedback is very welcome!


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