T-SQL Tuesday #92, Lessons learned the hard way. Wrapping up

#tsql2sday is a monthly blog party on the second Tuesday of each month. Everyone is welcome to participate, so no matters you are an experienced blogger or you just want to start writing about SQL Server, this is a real good chance to add something to the community.

On July 2017’s event the proposed topic was aimed for all you to share those little secrets that made your tummy burn after pressing F5.

Blog posts

Since early in the morning I’ve been reading your posts which makes me very happy and feel the topic was certainly well accepted by the community.

In order of published date these are the posts that took part in this month’s event.


We have seen really good tips and (now from the distance) funny stories about mistakes.

The important part of making mistakes is what you learn from them and like one of the blog posts suggest when there are job offers for candidates with a number of years, it’s exactly what companies look for, people you have made mistakes somewhere else, so they wouldn’t repeat them again.

Just a few words to finish this month’s event and say a big THANKS to all participants and readers.

I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to make this possible.


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